In secret loving

by Mihai Eminescu

In secret loving I have kept the silence,
Thinking that you will like it more this way,
For in your eyes I read an everlastingness
Of murderously pleasure fantasies.

But I cannot endure it. Longing’s power
Gives words to tender mysteries;
I want to drown in the sweet kindling
Of that soul alone who knows my soul.

Do you not see my mouth is thirsty
And in my eyes my torment burns
My beautiful with long blonde hair beloved?

With your breath you can cool my moaning,
And with your smile you make my thinking drunk,
Please end this pain, and come to my embrace.

I want to dance

by Lucian Blaga

Oh, I want to dance the way I’ve never danced before!
So that inside of me the Lord would never feel
a slave enchained in prison.
Earth, give me wings:
I want to be an arrow, to cleave
the infinite,
so that the sky is all I see around me,
above me sky,
and only sky beneath –
and caught in waves of light
I dance
struck by formidable blooms,
so that the Lord breathes free in me,
so that He does not murmur:
“I am slave enchained!”

Arise, arise, arise*

by Doina and Ion Aldea Teodorovici

I love to sing of you
Writing coming from the stars,
I kiss
Your every letter
Like I kiss my mother’s eyes.

Rejoice, Latin writing
For you didn’t come as a stranger
On the sour-sweet valley,
You came in your own country,
You came to your brothers.


Arise, arise, arise
Like green wheat,
Like the tear
Arise, arise, arise
And don’t leave again
My love.

Purple apples on the branch,
Valleys filled with golden wheat.
We were so poor
Without you,
Our beloved writing.


* Doina and Ion Aldea Teodorovici (they died together in October 30, 1992 in a “car accident”) are two musicians from Republic Moldova, and they sing about the Romanian language, which is of the Latin family, and is the official country’s language (since Republic Moldova is Romanian land). Republic Moldova was under Russian occupation, so they were forced to speak Russian and use the Russian alphabet. They were pro-union between Republic Moldova and Romania, after the fall of communism and they supported this cause in their music, through concerts in both countries.

I do not crush the world’s corolla of wonders

by Lucian Blaga

I do not crush the world’s corolla of wonders,
and I don’t murder with my mind the secrets
I uncover on my path
in flowers, eyes, on lips, or graves.
The light of others
suffocates the charm of mystery
concealed in darkness,
but I,
I with my light enrich the nature’s secret –
and just as with its white rays
the moon does not decline, but
trembling, it arises even greater
the riddle of the night,
so too I decorate the black horizon
with ample shivers of
divine enigma,
and all that is unknown
changes into an even greater secret
in my eyes,
because I love
the flowers, eyes, and lips, and graves.

The Japanese’s garden water rondeau

by Alexandru Macedonski

To his water in the garden
Much too slowly flowing down
Rocks and boulders in a cluster
Japanese lays in its line.

He would like to see it foamy
All around his house enclosing
Quiet water in the garden
Much too slowly flowing down.

Changing it to falling rapids
Of consonants and of vowels
He forgets life’s heavy burden
By the crystals all resounding
Of his water in the garden.


by Lucian Blaga

Knowing. Loving.
Once again and one more time
knowing – winter,
loving – springtime.

Loving – comes from very far,
from so far, inside of me.
Loving – comes from very far,
oh so far, inside of you.

Knowing. Loving.
What’s the roadway, and what spurs you?
And to know – what does it mean?
Loving – what are you afraid of
between flowers, in high grass?

Between flowers, in high grass
passion ever after spotless
turns us to infinity,
with the ardor and the uproar
of reincarnated bees.

Once again and one more time
loving – always a springtime.