To Galateea

by Nichita Stanescu

I know all your moments, all your movements, all your perfumes,
and your shadow, and your silences, and your breast
their tremble, and their color,
and your pace, and your melancholy, and your brows,
and your blouse, and your ring, and the second,
and I can no longer wait, and I drop my knee in the stones
and I beseech you,
give birth to me.

I know all that is away from you,
so far away that there is no more near –
the after-noon, the after-horizon, the beyond-the-sea…
and all that is beyond them,
and so distant, it no longer has a name.
That is why I bend my knee, and I lay it
on the stones’ knee, humming it.
And I beseech you,
give birth to me.

I know all you never know, from inside of you.
The heart beat following the heart beat that you hear,
the end of the word, whose first sillable you speak,
the trees – wooden shades of your veins,
the rivers – moving shades of your blood,
and the stones, the stones – stone shades of my knee,
which I bend in front of you and I beseech you,
give birth to me. Give birth to me.

Verses along the years

by Lucian Blaga

When you step faintly on city streets
on seed of elm, and while you walk
in lucid truths you do believe –
is there a need for any verse?

When mass of moss alleviates
during the summer longing green
and while I hear your dripping voice
is there a need for any spring?

When in the beating of the wind
you gracefully pace on the hill,
upon the compass of the earth
is there a need for a wheat ear?

When between absence and abundance
we both rejoice in all there is
and under ground a bone will sing –
is there a need for any word?

When I divine your burning clay
like in Tanagra none has been,
from far up north and until south
is there a need for statues, dear?

When rambling with you by my side,
we find ourselves now hand in hand
while pondering at the same star –
is  there a need for destiny?

When all achievements fail to dust
under the galaxy of smoke
and through the fragrance of fir trees
is there a need for any road?

If I were to forever live
inside your thought, clay that I am,
from dusk till dawn, from dusk till dawn
is there a need for any tomb?

In the great passing

by Lucian Blaga

The sun in the meridian holds the balance of the day.
The sky gives itself to the waters below.
With kind eyes the passing animals
look without fear at their shadow in the riverbed.
Arbours deeply arch
over an entire story.

Nothing wants to be different that it is.
My blood alone cries in the forests
after its distant childhood,
like an old deer
calling its roe lost in death.

Maybe she perished under the cliffs.
Maybe she sank in the ground.
I’m waiting in vain for news,
only the caves resound,
rivers want to go deep.

Unanswered blood,
oh, if it were silence, how well we could hear
the roe stepping through death.

Moving on I falter on the road –
and, like a murderer which wimples
the defeated mouth,
I cover with my fist all the springs,
so they would be forever silenced,

In secret loving

by Mihai Eminescu

In secret loving I have kept the silence,
Thinking that you will like it more this way,
For in your eyes I read an everlastingness
Of murderously pleasure fantasies.

But I cannot endure it. Longing’s power
Gives words to tender mysteries;
I want to drown in the sweet kindling
Of that soul alone who knows my soul.

Do you not see my mouth is thirsty
And in my eyes my torment burns
My beautiful with long blonde hair beloved?

With your breath you can cool my moaning,
And with your smile you make my thinking drunk,
Please end this pain, and come to my embrace.


by Mihai Eminescu

I never thought I’d learn how to die;
Forever young, vestured in my mantle,
I rose my dreamy eyes to the star
Of loneliness.

Then you suddenly sprang my way,
Suffering – you, painfully sweet…
I drank to the bottom the lust of implacable

I’m miserably burning alive, tormented like Nessus
Or as Hercules poisoned by his robe;
I cannot extinguish my fire with all
The waters of the sea.

Consumed by my own dream I cry,
I melt in flames at my own stake…
Can I come to life from it luminous
Like the Phoenix?

May my troubling eyes disappear from my way,
Come back in my chest, blue indifference;
Give me back to myself
So that I may die in peace!

1883 – December

The Forgivings

by Ducu Bertzi


You will forgive me every night
And I will lie to you everyday
And as long as your heart will endure
The more I will do you wrong, the more I will love you.

Forgive me for everything that is happening to me,
That my eyes sometimes are cloudless, sometimes green,
That I carry mud or snow on my temple,
You will forgive, otherwise you will lose me.
I see the world through powerful lenses
And I see gardens with great lights of fire,
Under my hand the Earth is dying already
And in my ears I have the Rock continent.


You will forgive me because I can’t live without you
And if you can’t and if you can’t
For me, losing you is better,
Me, the saddest, most free man of them all.
You will forgive me for my weakness
For passing the exams in a lightning
You will forgive me, my kind one, for everything,
I am your common immortal.


And when your heart will break one day
And you cannot forgive me anymore
I will go in the front line
And surrender myself to foreign weapons
And since death washes everything
Making them noble, in fiction,
You will bend over my death
And you will forgive me forever.