by Mihai Eminescu

I never thought I’d learn how to die;
Forever young, vestured in my mantle,
I rose my dreamy eyes to the star
Of loneliness.

Then you suddenly sprang my way,
Suffering – you, painfully sweet…
I drank to the bottom the lust of implacable

I’m miserably burning alive, tormented like Nessus
Or as Hercules poisoned by his robe;
I cannot extinguish my fire with all
The waters of the sea.

Consumed by my own dream I cry,
I melt in flames at my own stake…
Can I come to life from it luminous
Like the Phoenix?

May my troubling eyes disappear from my way,
Come back in my chest, blue indifference;
Give me back to myself
So that I may die in peace!

1883 – December


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