The Forgivings

by Ducu Bertzi


You will forgive me every night
And I will lie to you everyday
And as long as your heart will endure
The more I will do you wrong, the more I will love you.

Forgive me for everything that is happening to me,
That my eyes sometimes are cloudless, sometimes green,
That I carry mud or snow on my temple,
You will forgive, otherwise you will lose me.
I see the world through powerful lenses
And I see gardens with great lights of fire,
Under my hand the Earth is dying already
And in my ears I have the Rock continent.


You will forgive me because I can’t live without you
And if you can’t and if you can’t
For me, losing you is better,
Me, the saddest, most free man of them all.
You will forgive me for my weakness
For passing the exams in a lightning
You will forgive me, my kind one, for everything,
I am your common immortal.


And when your heart will break one day
And you cannot forgive me anymore
I will go in the front line
And surrender myself to foreign weapons
And since death washes everything
Making them noble, in fiction,
You will bend over my death
And you will forgive me forever.



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