Gentle Light

by Ioan Alexandru

(song by Tudor Gheorghe)

A gentle light, more gentle lights
Arise from giant forests white,
A gentle light, nest of beeswax,
Hollows of honey from old time.

Coming from beyond the earth
Never taking time to rest
A sunrise which has no end
Light of light, so delicate.

He who waits for you is love,
Loving you he hopes for more,
That one day, oh light of joy
You will come to us unspoiled.
And he who believes in you
Will receive a triple view.

Gentle light, oh gentle lights
Rise from forests lily-white,
In this night, oblivion
World is lost, and world is gone,
And from it there’s nothing more
Than the light of light-some dawn.

Gentle light, you gentle suns
Estranging the stranger ones,
Delicate, a wedding cure
Heals for ages, every time
Needy and impoverished one,
One in tears, who has been wronged,
Thirsty pilgrim on the path –
Have all slept in your dear hearth.
Delicate, oh divine cure
Crowns the stranger and the lone
Over crumbled crumbled earth
Light so gentle – Holy Word.


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