The poet

by George Cosbuc

Soul I am in the soul of my kind,
I chant of his sorrow and joy –
In your wounds ‘tis I who bears pain,
And we’ll drink our poison as men
When you take your chalice from fortune.
Whatever the road you must take,
The nail of one cross we shall bide,
Forever uniting our flag,
I’ll carry my altar as well
Wherever you hope is to dwell.

In the heart of my people heart I,
And sing of his love and his hate –
You fire, but I wind to blaze,
My will – it is one for all time,
The measure of all that we have.
You – river and purpose of all that I sing,
And if I am ever to say something foul,
A curse or a whisper without any saint,
You’ve flashes in heaven, oh Holiest One,
You’ll send me a silence by one flash of light!

The things that seem vane for another,
To someone may be very prized.
But only He knows, Who has compass,
Between life and sunset, on edges of world,
If black or if white is the gift He’ll divide.
And you are my soul, as your soul now I am,
For no matter how ages may choose to demand,
To open or close up the old book of fate,
I shall be forever a part of your soul,
My nation, my people, eternally whole!


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